Press Release: DC Birth Doulas introduces new junior doulas for 2017

DC Birth Doulas is excited to introduce two new junior doulas joining the team for 2017.

Jen Finnegan has been lucky enough to be on a life journey that has led her to truly appreciate and understand the essential role that support of women and community provide for one’s life.  Jen and her husband are raising their four children in Alexandria and are enjoying retirement from the military life, which has enabled them to put down roots in a way that was an impossibility when packing up and moving every four years.   She lives her life based on the belief that a kind word and a gentle touch are needed, by even the strongest and bravest among us.  These core beliefs and her strong desire to serve women in times of need have brought her to the doula life. Learning new things, being outside, kayaking, and camping are some of her favorite things in life!

Vanessa Hanible has been supporting families during pregnancy and the postpartum period for the past year with Mamatoto Village. She loves working with diverse families. Vanessa brings passion and empathy through her doula work, with the the belief that all women deserve support, love and care as they bring their babies into the world. Through her degree in Public Health, she has spent the past 6 years supporting and empowering woman through various phases of their life. She enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and laughing as much as possible!

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