Thanks 2017 – perfect time for a baby!

Doulas know that calendars don’t mean much, especially to babies.  It’s likely your baby didn’t know that Tuesday was a really inconvenient day for you to go into labor or that the meeting you would love to have a good excuse to miss was just three days before your due date. Some of your babies seemed to lack any sense of urgency regarding their birth and some of them came into the world so fast they must have felt they were already missing out.  Then there are the kids who didn’t even pay attention to the year they’re “supposed” to arrive; we’re looking at you 2018 babies who we’ve already had a chance to snuggle!

While dates don’t mean much to babies, we find ourselves in the dwindling moments of 2017 looking back and feeling so grateful for all we’ve been able to share with families over the past year. We’ve answered the phone each time it rings with a sense of anticipation and joy (even those 3:30am calls!).  Hundreds of families have entrusted us to be their companions during some of the most transformative experiences of their lives and we never take this invitation for granted.  

We can never promise you’ll get exactly the birth you dream of or that your baby will arrive at the most appropriate time.  But we do hope that every birth-day, in each moment we share together, you understand that the time we spend with you is cherished and deeply meaningful for us.  We are called to this work because we understand that kindness, patience and sometimes a powerful hip squeeze can be perfectly timed to make a birth feel empowering (or simply manageable!).

To all the families and babies who have made 2017 such an unpredictable, exciting and beauty-filled year for us, we thank you.  No doula ever signs up for this job because she just loves structure and predictability. Doulas do this work because, while it wreaks havoc on our calendars, we find joy, meaningful connections and deep purpose in this work.  We are constantly awed by the families we serve and we are grateful to have spent another year watching you all do amazing things. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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