Shadow Doula Program

Are you prepared to accept your first client as a newly trained doula? Are you wondering if doula work is for you? Do you still have a full-time job, and your trying to figure out how to attend a birth?

Before you start accepting clients of your own, shadow an experienced doula for your first births.

  • Build your confidence to support families by first becoming familiar and comfortable with the sights, sounds, and vocabulary surrounding birth while you observe a skilled and experienced doula at work.
  • Become familiar with the hospital room, including the standard machines, monitors, supplies available, and how to work together with the staff to get what you need.
  • Watch an experienced doula work within the Doula Scope of Practice, including how to facilitate and enhance communication between your client and providers, provide appropriate physical, emotional, and informational support for different types of births, and recognize and respect professional boundaries.

Shadow doulas sign up for 1-3 births. We accept up to six applicants a month. The fee is $200 per birth.

Please fill out this form below if you would like an application.

Shadow Doula Program Application

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