Announcing three new DCBD doulas!

This month we say goodbye to Malaika Alert and Vanessa Hanible - two wonderful doulas moving on to do great things in life - and welcome to three new DCBD doulas: Lindsey Uhrig, Jennifer Gagnon and Maddison Conforti! Lindsey has supported hundreds of families in the DMV area as a full spectrum doula, prenatal yoga teacher, childbirth…
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Tuesday’s tip: check out Lucie’s List!

[caption id="attachment_2194" align="alignright" width="300"] a survival guide for new moms[/caption] First of all, Lucie's List is not written by Lucie. In 2008, Meg Collins stumbled through a  challenging pregnancy and breastfeeding experience, feeling a bit clueless and unprepared. In her own words, "I had NO CLUE what I needed, let alone what to expect during pregnancy,…
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Press Release: DC Birth Doulas introduces new junior doulas for 2017

DC Birth Doulas is excited to introduce two new junior doulas joining the team for 2017. Jen Finnegan has been lucky enough to be on a life journey that has led her to truly appreciate and understand the essential role that support of women and community provide for one’s life.  Jen and her husband are…
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