moth·er /ˈməT͟Hər/ (n) a parent (n) person of seniority (n) source or origin (v) to nurture with care and affection (v) to give birth or rise to

To all who have created, grown, nurtured, nourished and protected – today and everyday – we celebrate and honor you.

We know mothers come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some have swollen breasts and bellies and a toddler on their hip. Some have morning sickness and nausea, a belly that never grows, and no living children for you to see. Some have flat chests and facial hair, and preferred to be called something other than the nomenclature mother. All mothers use the power of love to create a group of people who choose to call one another family.

We find ourselves worked upon by powerful forces during this global pandemic. There is sorrow, isolation, and grief. But there is something more fierce and powerful at work. You can see it in the face of a determined mother giving birth with a mask on. You can hear it through your ear bud as the voice of your doula encourages you to breathe and find your inner strength. And you can feel it in the protective embrace of fathers and partners who are doing all they can to keep safe those they love. In birth, in life, and in death we come together as mothers and creators to reaffirm our humanity through the most powerful force we know – love.

So in celebration of Mother’s Day we ask you to do the most powerful thing you can do. Choose to love.