meet the doulas

We will be hosting Meet the Doulas events on the following dates:

DCBD Senior Group ($1300)

Saturday, October 7th at 10am

Saturday, November 11th at 11am

Saturday, December 9th at 10am


DCBDII Junior Group ($800)

Saturday, October 7th at 11am

Saturday, November 11th at 12pm

Saturday, December 9th at 11am

Please RSVP by following the hyperlink to a registration form. After you submit your RSVP we will confirm availability for your due date and service area.

Experienced birth doulas

Monthly meet the doulas events (60 minutes):

  • Meet each of the doulas as a group and individually
  • Learn about what we do to support you in pregnancy and birth
  • Learn about our philosophy and service package
  • Learn about how we work with your birth team- partners and care providers

Participants are invited to attend a FREE 30 minute Birth Plan Workshop immediately after the presentations. Learn about the purpose and scope of the birth plan, what questions you should be asking, what to include, and how to use your birth plan effectively.