our philosophy

The DC Birth Doulas group brings together over 35 years of collective childbirth experience to help women have safe, healthy and meaningful births. We work with mothers who bring to birth a variety of experiences and expectations. Together, we figure out what is really important to you and your family and how to get there.

We believe that birth, and the time surrounding birth, is a powerful and vulnerable time in the life of a woman. We believe that birth often unfolds smoothly and safely on it's own, and we also believe that sometimes intervention is necessary and desired. Our goal is to provide you with the support, tools and information you need to birth with confidence and joy however birth unfolds for you.

We believe doula support should be:


We keep our practice small enough so that we have plenty of time with each family to discuss birth preferences and concerns and to answer questions. Our work centers on the wants, needs, and experiences of the laboring woman. We provide support that is subtle and unobtrusive, and that allows the strength, abilities, and preferences of the woman and her family to shine through.


We provide support to women who have a variety of birth preferences and previous experiences. We are comfortable and capable of supporting women who want to give birth without pain medication or other interventions. Likewise, we are just as comfortable and capable of supporting women who choose or need medical interventions. Our goal is to help families have a positive birth experience, however they define it, and how ever labor and birth unfold.


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