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We could not have been happier with our experience with the DC Birth Doulas! We opted for the DCBD II, and were so pleased to get paired up with Elizabeth for our son's birth. She was incredible! As first-time parents, my husband and I cannot imagine having gone through all that without her support and guidance!

Before we asked her to join us at the hospital, we found ourselves alone and clueless in the huge delivery room in the middle of the night, not knowing what to do with ourselves. As soon as she arrived, we felt a huge sense of relief! She helped me with coping techniques for the pain, kept us entertained by chatting us up (when I wasn't having a contraction!), helped keep me comfortable and moving as much as possible, etc. She was with us the whole time, which was especially helpful when my husband had to step out to get something to eat. When the time came to push, she worked with the nurse and doctor to provide an extra level of much-needed support (both physical and emotional!). Elizabeth just seemed to know exactly what we needed at all times, whether it was bringing my husband some coffee on her way over, getting me more blankets when I was cold, or taking some beautiful photos on our phones of our very first moments together as a family of three. ūüôā She intuitively understood and supported all our wishes for the birth, and helped make sure they were fulfilled.

During my pregnancy, it was a comfort to us just to know we had a doula on standby, and we can now confirm the comfort was just as great once she was there with us in the delivery room! Besides being a skilled doula, Elizabeth is an awesome person - it sounds cliche, but we can't recommend her highly enough! (And we're sure the same goes for all the DCBD IIs, who all seemed awesome when we met them at the meet & greet.) We're so glad she was there for us on one of the most challenging and rewarding days of our lives so far while we welcomed our baby into this world. Thank you, Elizabeth and DCBD II!


~DCBDII team support~

"It is hard to even imagine what my labor experience would have been like without a doula... I can't even comprehend how I would have gotten through it mentally, emotionally, physically.

Attend one of their meet and greet sessions... meet them, listen to their stories and their approach to being a doula.  It costs nothing and is totally worth your time.  After that, I was sold on the concept and the value of having a doula.

DC Birth Doulas has a really cool model in that you secure a team of doulas.  This makes it so you know there will always be someone available to support you, rather than relying on one single individual.  Also, they support each other... so 24+ hours into my labor, one of the other doula team members tagged in so that she was fresh and ready to continue providing support.

They have a lot of different methods for supporting during the labor process... which given my labor kept stalling out (which we found out later may have had something to do with my 10lb 4oz baby girl), was extremely helpful.  And each time we tried something new, it helped me keep going and keep up hope.

I went with the DCBD II... they were incredible.  As far as I know, the primary difference is in experience level between the two teams, but I would never have guessed that from the ladies that supported me.

I also appreciate that they don't try to judge your labor & delivery choices or impose a certain set on you.  Rather, you discuss your preferences ~ the 32wk mark during a meeting in the comfort of your home and then they are there to support your journey.

After a totally healthy pregnancy, complete with daily exercise (OrangeTheory up until 38 weeks; pilates, yoga, etc.)... I would have never forecasted the labor experience I had.  But you can't predict that sort of thing... and that is exactly why having a doula is so great.  I didn't know I would need the level of support during labor that I ended up needing, but I am beyond grateful to have had it.

Huge thanks to Stacey and Amanda!!

Should you get a doula? absolutely, if you can... and DCBD is excellent!"


~1-day childbirth class~

"I wanted to thank you for a fantastic class.  While this is our second child and we are giving birth at home as we did with our last, we wanted a day to focus on this baby and to get a refresher of what to expect.  This class allowed us to do both, but what was even more wonderful was that we learned new tools and new information in your class as well, even though we'd been in a 10 week intensive Bradley method class last time.  It is perhaps because we've done it once before, but we did find ourselves saying that we got more out of your class in 1 day than we had in the entire 10 week session! A lot of that has to do with your ability to communicate information and warmth at the same time, Sarah.  I wanted to thank you too for finding ways to incorporate our previous experience into the class"


~for unmedicated births~

"We had our first child in May 2017 and had an amazing experience with the DC Birth Doulas . We first met the doulas at the open orientation and immediately felt comfortable with all of them. Once we decided to move forward with the group, they were readily accessible and responsive to all of my questions and concerns (regardless of how silly they seemed). After the birth class and pre-natal visit we felt prepared and educated about our birth choices and came up with a "birth plan" that was tailored specifically to our needs and desires. For example, we discussed things such as my hope to have an unmedicated birth, what to pack, the preferred ambiance in the hospital room, and even what playlists to make.

On the day of our daughter's birth we were fortunate enough to have Casey as our doula. We honestly could not have asked for a better doula/person to go through this experience with. Casey was warm, encouraging, and clearly born to be a doula. She helped me labor at home for as long as possible and once it was time to go to the hospital she took charge. She was familiar with the hospital (WHC), managed hospital staff, worked hand and hand with our midwife, and suggested various things my husband could do that were both helpful and meaningful during the birth. Casey was able to strike the perfect balance between compassion and motivation. Her involvement did not stop when our daughter was born. Casey followed-up with us for weeks after to check in. She is simply THE. BEST.

From the initial orientation to the birth of our baby the experience with DC Birth Doulas was everything I wanted."


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