birth doula service package

We have two doula groups to choose from: the Senior Group and the Junior Group. Each doula in the Senior Group has supported more than 60 births, is certified through DONA International, and has been a doula with DCBD for more than one year. Doulas in the Junior Group range from new professionals to doulas who have supported nearly 50 births and are either certified or are working on their certification through DONA International.  Both groups include the following services:

  • a prenatal consultation with a doula in weeks 32-35 in your home to discuss your birth preferences, address concerns, and answer questions
  • unlimited email and phone support throughout your pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery period
  • on-call availability 24/7 from when you hire us until your baby is born
  • phone and/or in-person support during early labor
  • in-person continuous labor support in your home or at the hospital during active labor
  • continuous support during your labor, birth, and immediate postpartum period regardless of the length of your labor
  • help with initial breastfeeding, if desired
  • a postpartum visit in your home

The Senior Group $1350

The Junior Group $800

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