childbirth classes

Saturdays, 10am-5pm @ The Well in DC (Mt Pleasant)

Fee: $200/couple

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Saturday, December 16th 10am-5pm

Saturday, January 27th 10am-5pm

  • a convenient childbirth class for couples who would like to learn about birth and how to make the experience positive, comfortable and memorable¬†in 1-intense day!
  • evidence-based childbirth education with lots of hands-on learning
  • covers normal physiological birth, common interventions and hospital procedures, comfort measures, labor positions, breathing/relaxation techniques, and pain medication options
  • interactive learning environment includes videos of the stage and phases of labor, time to practice and explore comfort measures, massage and breathing techniques, group work, and games
  • feel free to consider all your options! This is a judgement-free learning environment. You will not feel out of place if you are considering using pain medication or if you are planning to birth without pain medication
  • learn to make informed decisions when the time comes by learning the benefits, risks, alternatives and tips for using or avoiding possible interventions


FREE 3-hr Birth Tools Workshop (registration required) taught by the Doulas from DCBD2 on Sundays @ Embrace Yoga Studio, 1650 Columbia Rd NW, D.C.

Sunday, November 19th 1:30-4:30pm

Workshop includes:

  • general information on stages of labor
  • positions and coping techniques to manage pain
  • strategies for partners in the early stages of labor and in the hospital
  • general vocabulary to know before going in to the hospital setting for labor and delivery
  • an opportunity to address concerns