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a survival guide for new moms

First of all, Lucie's List is not written by Lucie. In 2008, Meg Collins stumbled through a  challenging pregnancy and breastfeeding experience, feeling a bit clueless and unprepared. In her own words, "I had NO CLUE what I needed, let alone what to expect during pregnancy, labor & delivery, and infancy. After a miserable pregnancy (complete with hyperemesis gravidarum and all), failing to properly latch my baby to the breast, dealing with postpartum pain, buying overpriced strollers, and struggling through sleep training, I vowed to tell everyone the *secrets* that nobody told me. You know, the stuff that no one talks about (but should)."

stuff on your baby regsitry

stuff you buy for baby

Lucie's List attempts to reveal all the "secret" tips that new parents learn along the way, and wish they had known all along. Think of Meg as a curator of all things baby related. She's done the sifting and researching so you can sit back and absorb. No more stacks of books from the library to tackle, no more endless internet searches to wade through. The website includes in-depth reviews of baby gear: including carseats, strollers, infant swaddling systems, cribs, swings and anything else you might find on your baby registry. This isn't strictly a product review site though- she also provides a fair amount of education and personal insight into her recommendations.

professional nursing friendly top

professional nursing friendly tops

Flying with Baby by Meg Collins

Traveling with baby

You can also find a catalog of essential breastfeeding friendly clothing and where to buy them.






As well as helpful tips and tools for traveling with infants, twins, or toddlers.






Whether you are a newbie parent with no clue where to begin, or a seasoned pro just curious about whats new, Lucie's List is a great resource.

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