Did you know? Health justice in action.

A portion of every clients’ fees goes towards DC Birth Doulas’ donations to advocacy work, including birth doula services for under-resourced families and generous scholarships for Lamaze childbirth educators from LGBTQ+, Spanish speaking, and communities of color. Want to help? Donate here!

Our Philosophy

We believe that birth, and the time surrounding birth, is a powerful and vulnerable time in your life. We believe that birth often unfolds smoothly and safely on its own, and we also believe that sometimes medical tools are necessary and desired. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to birth with confidence and joy however birth unfolds for you. We believe in:

Health equity

We believe in access to quality health care and resources for all birthing families. Every family deserves the best start possible. In addition to our advocacy work in the birth room, we believe in doing our part to build capacity in under-resourced communities and support national advocacy efforts.

Personalized support

Our work centers on you and your family’s wants, needs, and experiences. We provide support to clients who have a variety of needs, birth preferences and previous experiences.

Collaborative care

We believe that when everyone on your support team is doing their jobs, you have 360 degrees of emotional, physical and medical support. As a support team, we focus on your emotional and physical needs so your care providers can focus on your medical care.

Our Group Practice

Working with a group-doula practice has significant advantages over working with an individual doula.

When you choose to work with one of the DC Birth Doulas Groups, you benefit from:

Team Support

You will have the opportunity to meet and develop a relationship with several doulas one of which will be the doula at your birth. Most of the time the doula that arrives for your birth will be the one who stays until the end, but if you have a very long labor, a new doula from the team will join you. With a team, rest assured that illness, accident or personal emergencies will not interfere with your birth.

Depth of Experience

You will benefit from our team’s many years of collective experience and a wide base of knowledge and training.

Support with No Hidden Costs

We guarantee that there will always be doulas in-town and available to attend your birth no matter when your baby decides to come. We also guarantee a flat fee for your birth with no extra charges for long births.

Meet The Doulas

We encourage families to attend our monthly Meet the Doulas informational session to learn about our group practice, philosophy, service package and to meet the team. If you are unable to attend, please call our phone number during normal business hours to speak with the doula on call.

DC Birth Doulas 

The DC Birth Doulas group brings together more than 50 years of collective childbirth experience to help families have safe, healthy and meaningful births. We work with clients who bring to birth a variety of experiences and expectations. Together, we figure out what is really important to you and your family and how to get there.