Make a profound difference in someone’s life doing work that you love! Be a doula!

Are you tired of your 9-5 office job? Does spending time with those experiencing emotional dichotomies accompanied by the presence of bodily fluids bring a smile to your face? Do you eagerly embrace the challenge of squeezing someone’s hips for long period of time while forgoing unnecessary luxuries such as sleep? Then this might be the job for you! Apply to be a doula with DC Birth Douals today!



DC Birth Doulas is looking for newly-trained and experienced birthworkers to join our team of doulas and childbirth educators. Applicants should be highly motivated, have keen situational awareness, exude enthusiasm for learning and trying new things, be a responsible team member, and demonstrate strong organizational skills.

Note: Our doulas are employed as independant contractors, paid a set fee per birth, file taxes as self-employed contractors, and do not receive employment benefits such as retirement or healthcare.

Why join a group practice?

Working with a group practice has significant advantages over working as a solo doula. When you join the DCBD team, you will have the opportunity of working with an experienced group of birth workers to expand your knowledge and exponentially accelerate your skills as a doula and a childbirth educator.

You will support dozens of clients each year, continue your education and learning, and experience the support that comes from working and learning with an entire team of doulas – including a shared on-call schedule, monthly inservice trainings, and access to team resources and marketing material.