Happy Pride from DC Birth Doulas!  To me, Pride is about visibility and respect.  It’s about acknowledging that every person, family, and birth are of worth. As a queer identifying woman who is a doula and childbirth educator, Pride is also a time to reflect on how we support our birthing families. In particular, the power of language to build, strengthen, and nurture families. In a heteronormative culture, I’ve seen first hand the impact of gender-expansive language in the childbirth class and birthing room.

Heteronormative language in a class room can leave some families feeling isolated and excluded. Alternatively, when we make the effort to acknowledge that not every birthing person is a mother, not every birthing person has a partner, not every partner is a father, and so forth, we create an opportunity for everyone to be seen and acknowledged as a person of worth. It is only when we truly see our birthing families that we can meet their needs.  To all of the birthing persons and families in the DMV area, we see you, we celebrate you, and we support you. Happy Pride!

Written by Casey Runck

Edited by Sarah Paksima