Lindsay Wolff

Lindsay Wolff

DCBD Senior Doula


I have always been interested in the “whys” and the “hows” of different systems. The same inquisitive pieces of myself that led me to disassemble and reassemble radios and clocks as a child led me into the hard sciences (I was an atmospheric chemist in my previous career); then, into doula work and childbirth education. I have a passion for evidence-based information, for understanding the physiology and structure of systems and for helping others get excited about learning too. After the amazing home birth experiences of my daughters, I began daydreaming about birth work. I had the incredible privilege of being able to quit my job in academia to pursue midwifery studies and to attend births as a doula. While it was the “sunshine and rainbows” (the joy of seeing parents meet their little ones for the first time, the pride and accomplishment that people feel after birthing their babies and taking ownership of their experiences and decisions) that got me into birth work, it is the harder stuff that has made me stay. I provide trauma-informed, sensitive, and loving doula care through the most joyful and the most difficult moments. 

PhD, CD (ToLabor), BCCE (BACE)

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